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kitten document

*Cat Central*

My name is Jeff and I drink a lot and basically I'm a scientist for cats.  This website is for some people I know who are interested in cats but have not gone out and bought cats yet because they are uncertain what they would be commiting to.  Right now I am drinking orange juice out of a mug that tastes like eggs and it makes me very uncomfortable

*Cat FAQ*

Q:  Are Cats tiny warriors?

A: Yes

Q:  Should I get a cat?


Q:  Is it possible to snuggle a cat too much?

A:  No

Q:  Is it possible to feed a cat too much?

A:  No, cats need as much food as they can get, always

Q:  Is it okay to breed cats?

A:  While one would think there are never enough kitties, sadly there are more than can be housed, so no, don't breed cats.

Q:  What if I have multiple cats that don't get along?

A:  Super cute!  Kitty wars lol

Q:  How many cats are in a bushel?

A:  Almost 7

Q:  Should I get a dog?


I hope that answers your questions about cats! now for some history

Cats were invented in 1476 by a guy in europe.  pretty much he decided that it would be tight if you could have tiny warriors in your home that you could snuggle.  it took a while for them to catch on because of the great depression but when they did they spread like wildfire.  Today cats are recognized in the media for being precious and super easy to play with.  In the future, cats will probably become more of a commodity and stocks in cats will soar.